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Lipiflow – Restore gland function with TearScience!

Restoring Gland Functionality

The LipiFlow® Activator, a single-use sterile device, safely and comfortably delivers automated therapeutic energies to each meibomian gland while protecting the delicate structures of the patient’s eye. Supported by 36 patents and seven years of dedicated research, LipiFlow® provides a level of accuracy and quality that allows eye care professionals to treat their MGD patients with confidence and ease.
Its contoured design vaults the cornea and protects the eye allowing a maximum therapeutic temperature of 43 degrees Celsius to reach glands from the inner eyelid, without damaging the eyelid or delicate structures of the globe. Space-age insulation protects the cornea from exceeding a safe 39.5 degrees Celsius, while an intelligent pressure feedback loop sends pulsed sequences to expel blockages. Force equalization protects the globe from pressure transmission by focusing energy only on the eyelid.
Delivered through the LipiFlow® Activator, Vectored Thermal Pulse™ (VTP) technology maximizes results while delivering patient comfort. VTP™ uniquely applies a combination of heat and pressure to the inner eyelid to safely remove gland obstructions and stagnant gland content. Patented vectored heat and adaptive force equalization targets the pulse, heat, and pressure on the meibomian glands to maximize effectiveness. Therapeutic motion provides proximal to distal parastalsis to clear gland contents. Patients with Meibomian Gland Disfunction in the Twin Cities can expect expert analysis and professional treatment at Vision Source: Yankee & Rosemount Eye Clinics.